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Red Velvet Wendy Weight Loss Pills

Red Velvet Wes is one of the newest members of the popular Korean girl group Red Velvet and she has surprised fans with her attractive look in a recent promotional image for their latest album. She stands in a stunning red lip look that will make you want to rush to the nearest mini mall to buy the latest issue of Red Velvet magazine. In the image, Wes poses with her band members as if she is preparing for a performance. Her slim body frame has made us all wonder if she is keeping up her weight loss program. Let us find out if she is really the slim and sexy Red Velvet girl we have all hoped she would be. Yes, it is true that Red Velvet Wes did drop some pounds (probably around ten or twenty pounds) in her most recent photo shoot but it appears as though she is still very much the same sexy girl we saw in her first photo shoot for the group back in July. Wes is part of the gang that hails from the trendy serenely set suburbs of California and she looks like a real lady despit

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